Privacy Policy

Ensuring Privacy

  1. Ensuring the privacy of visitors to  is a crucial responsibility for us. Therefore, we outline in our privacy policy the information we gather and how we utilize this information.



  1. By using or purchasing the information and services on you agree to our privacy policy and the terms included therein.



  1. If you desire additional information or have questions regarding the privacy policy of Roya,, you can contact us via email. Our email address is


Monitoring Visitor Behavior

  1. employs various techniques to track website visitors, their behavior on the website, and the pages they visit. This is a standard practice for websites as it provides valuable insights to enhance the user experience. The information we record through cookies includes IP addresses, browser types, and visited pages. We utilize this information to gain insights into our customer base and analyze it to improve our services to better cater to our customers. Additionally, we monitor where visitors first access the website and from which page they exit. We can also identify the search keywords that led you to our website. This information is collected anonymously and is not linked to other personal information.


What Other Data Do We Collect?


  1. For your order, we require your name, email address, address(es), payment details, and occasionally your phone number. This enables us to deliver your order and keep you informed about its status.


In your personal account, we store the following information: your name, address(es), phone number, email address, delivery and payment details, and the provided information and interests. We also retain data regarding your previous orders for easy reference.

Customer Service

You can email us at, allowing us to promptly respond to your inquiries. To assist you quickly, we utilize your data and maintain relevant notes.

Third-Party Services

We employ another party to handle the delivery of orders made through our platform. They may utilize your contact and address details for this purpose. It is also possible that you utilize third-party services acquired or requested through us or our website. In these cases, we expect our partners to handle your data with the same level of care as we do.


If you wish to write a review about our company, we appreciate it! However, you have the choice to make your personal details or name visible to other visitors, and whether we may contact you regarding your review. We keep records of who writes which review.


How Long Do We Retain Your Data?

  1. Roya will not retain your personal data for longer than necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. If you created an account while placing an order, your account will remain active unless a request is made to close it. If you placed an order more than 10 years ago, your data will be removed from our system.


Is My Data Protected?

  1. We take every possible measure to protect your data. Our servers are secured, and we ensure a secure connection on the website, which is regularly updated and protected against attacks.


How Can I Modify My Data?

  1. You can modify your data within your personal account. Alternatively, we can do it for you upon receiving such a request.


How Do We Use Cookies?

  1. Roya places cookies when visitors accept the cookie conditions. Cookies serve two purposes. Firstly, they facilitate navigation on a website by remembering login names, passwords, and language preferences. Secondly, based on the websites you visit, cookies make an estimation of your interests. Cookies do not contain personal data; they only remember your preferences and interests based on your browsing behavior. Cookies cannot harm your computer or the files stored on it. The information obtained through cookies helps us make our website more user-friendly and aligned with the preferences of our visitors.


Disabling and Deleting Cookies

  1. You have the option to disable cookies by utilizing the capabilities of your browser. More information about these options can be found on your browser provider’s website. You can also delete cookies through your browser settings. More information about these options can be found on your browser provider’s website. Please note that disabling cookies may impact the proper functioning of our services.


Privacy Policy of Advertisers/Third Parties

  1. For further information regarding the privacy policy of our advertisers and third parties affiliated with this website, please refer to the respective parties’ websites. 

Roya has no control over these cookies and the privacy policy of cookies placed by third parties. These cookies are beyond the scope of the privacy policy of